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A Dazzling Smile


Teeth whitening is a type of aesthetic procedure that lightens or whitens the shade of the tooth thus enhancing one’s smile. It involves using peroxide-based whitening agents to lighten teeth. Typically, it’s ideal for people who have healthy and natural teeth. Teeth whitening don’t work if you’ve gum disease or restorative teeth, including dentures, fillings, veneers, and crowns-a reason you should consult with your dentist before embarking on this procedure.


You might want to consider teeth whitening if you need the following:

  • To remove extrinsic or intrinsic stains and restore the colour of your teeth
  • As you age, your teeth turn yellow, and you may thus need whitening to achieve a younger appearance
  • Boosts your confidence and self-esteem that comes with a bright smile


To perform dental veneering, the dentist examines your teeth, discusses with you about your desires and expectations, and guides you through shades selection. The process then proceeds according to the type of veneers suitable for your case.

  1. In-Office Tooth Whitening Procedure
    There are two types:
    1. Laser whitening for extrinsic stains: The process starts with a dental cleaning to remove all debris. The dentist puts a retractor on your lips and a protective barrier on your gums. He or she applies the whitening agent (containing 15% to 43% peroxide) on the tooth and shines a laser or bleaching light over the tooth. The light activates the whitener and increases its eectiveness. After 15 minutes, the dentist suctions off the whitener and washes the teeth thoroughly.
    2. Internal whitening for intrinsic stains: The dentist cleans the tooth and then drills a hole in the pulp chamber. The whitening agent is placed into the chamber so it can work directly on the dentin layer inside the tooth. The chamber is sealed, and the whitening agent is allowed 2-3 days to work on the stain. The dentist then removes any remaining whitening gel, cleans the area, and if need be, the process is repeated.
    The benefits of in-office whitening:
    • Performed under the supervision of a professional
    • Quicker way to whiten teeth (you’ll notice dramatic results in just 60 minutes)
    • More effective and offer better results than home remedy
    • Uniform teeth whitening, unlike other methods that leave parts of your teeth whiter than others
    • Last long with no side effects
  2. At-Home Teeth Whitening (applied daily for 2-3weeks)
    The dentist first takes impressions of your teeth and uses it to custom-made mouth tray. He or she then recommends the whitening agent you’ll use and specifies the duration of time to wear the tray. To attain the desired results, brush your teeth before putting a thin ribbon of the whitening agent into the customized tray and wear it for the specified time. It may take 2-3 weeks to achieve the desired results.



At Bloor Dental, Toronto, we ensure you receive the best treatment you deserve. Our experienced and Board Certified Orthodontists will evaluate your teeth and gums and recommend the most apt method. Using the best teeth whitening kits, we’ll ensure your teeth are whitened evenly and faster. Besides;

  • Our experts are friendly and welcoming—you’ll feel completely safe
  • We are always abreast with the latest dental technology
  • We have flexible time – for your convenient booking
  • Our staff will help you process insurance claims in due time
  • We often have oers—check with our office

At DundasDental Group, we’re ready to advise you on the type of teeth whitening suitable for you. Call us today at 416.767.9591 to book your appointment.


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